Rosa Schmitthenner

Hi! I’m Rosa and I’m so exited you’re here!

I love supporting you in creating the life you most desire to live.

I love sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have gained in many years of studying different healing modalites, the arts and sciences.

I love seeing you gain back your natural strengh or find it for the first time.

I love the endless possiblities that the teachings of Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, Mia Segal and Leora Gaster bear.

I love life, and living life to the fullest.

I love boundaries and good communication.

I love abundance, joy and adventures.

I’m here for the good stuff and for learning how to hold and move through the tough stuff.

I love living beings, human and non-human.

I love sweetness and I love strengh.

I am committed to learning and discovering new wonderful things every day.

I love our resilience and the resilience of our miraculous nervous systems that have so much capacity to change, and heal, and build new pathways.

I love living life as a woman and I love designing what that means for me.

A little bit about me

I grew up with Mia Segal who invented the Feldenkrais method together with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and then studied by her and her daughter Leora professionally from the age of 16 for 9 years. I’ve been immersed in the method throughout all of my life (I am now 28) and those questions and way of thinking are my greatest resource, it is just automatically present in all I do. I also support 12 young women and men that left Jewish Ultraorthodoxy in becoming their most happy and successful selves in the „free“ (secular) world in a non profit organzisation that I built together during the last year and a half with my husband. We built this all up during covid and it’s becoming a really beautiful place. I hire and take care of our staff, and support the students with my skills and knowledge. I studied the work of Milton Ericson and Jeff Zeig, Oliver Sacks, Marie Kondo and in this recent year Rachael Maddox (took the Live Community, Coherence Course, World Changing Witches Workshop and am currently enrolled in ReBloom Foundations). I also have a professional acting and signing training and worked in film between ages 17-22, als well as having been the curator for an art gallery.

Work with me

Currently, the only way to work with me is 1:1.

To book a free feeler call write me a short email:

we speak for about 30-45 minutes

you get a feeling for what it’s like working with me

we feel for if we are an ideal fit

and what would feel like the juiciest and most supportive way to work with me


I give both of us 24 hours after the call to feel into if working together feels ideal, after 24 hours I write you an email and ask you if you’re still a yes. If it’s a yes from both of us, we begin working.


if we meet in person: I am based in Dresden, Germany

if we meet virtually: we meet over zoom, I personally love zoom as a means of connecting and feel that it allows us to have new positive experiences in our own space or a space of our choice


The deets:

  • 89€ per 1:1 session

  • 60 minutes

Powerful transformations happens over longer periods of time, that’s why I love a good container. 


6 month – you and me – we meet every two weeks for 60 minutes

6 weeks  intensive

3 sessions – intro to my work


I like to make room for deciding together what feels the most supportive for you in this moment.


Languages: I work both in English as well as in German, so get to choose the language that works best for you


If you’d like to invite me as a speaker for your event or to give a class for your organization please write to:



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